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Shrink Wrappers - F RANGE

F is a range of automatic shrink wrapping machines in continuous motion by flight bar system (without sealing bar) for the packaging of cans, bottles, vials, tins, multi-packs, jars, etc. in film only configuration to cover production from 18 to 60 bundles per minute in single lane and up to 120 in double lanes


Film Only



From 18 to 60 bundles per minute on single lanes - and up to 120 on double lane 

Packaging machine with painted steel structure (stainless steel option possible) to group and wrap with heat-shrinked film, without sealing bar, on various types of production single or double lane with linear,  90°or  180° infeed more compact  solution. 

Main machine features: 

  • Painted steel machine bearing structure (stainless steel option possible
  • Pneumatic product separator to enable a smooth product channelling
  • Minimum accumulation photocell control for each lane
  • Continuous motion bar conveyor, in phase with the machine that leads the product directly to the winding area
  • Packaging system with film only
  • Film tension control system during uncoiling operations by means of an electronic sensor and motorised brake installed on the reel holder shaft
  • Film winding unit around the product depending on the size of the pack to be wrapped
  • Automatic controls with alarm and machine stop signals for:
    - “No film winding”
    - “Product overturned or missing”
    - “Oven obstructed”
    - “End of film reel”
  • Heat-shrinking oven consisting of a metal mesh conveyor with automatic control and regulation of the temperature by digital temperature controllers and static relays
  • Electrical cabinet on  the machine
  • Control panel with touch-screen colour display
  • Bundle cooling device installed at heat shrinking tunnel output
  • Suitable for a wide range of products and containers (both glass and PET)
  • Easy maintenance
  • High accessibility
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Wide range of sizes and packaging solutions
  • Quick and easy size changes
  • High quality components
  • Low consumption oven heating elements
  • Use of energy-efficient motors